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on 01 December, 2012

Next Muso Night....

5th March
Come along and play/sing/perform/watch Wednesday night, Balnarring Hall, 8pm onwards!

Muso night interest is growing all the time. The last couple have been jam packed with cool performers and lots of peeps enjoying the vibes. Don't miss out!!

Muso's Night, Every 2nd Wednesday Night (Recycle Bin Night), Balnarring Hall, 8pm

See the latest videos at

Another night of surprises, great music and fun times was had by all at Balnarring muso night on the 19th Feb


Pantomime extends the boundaries at Muso night

Muso night takes on a being of its own, feed by the imagination and input of people willing to have a go and have fun amongst friends.

It’s great to see the smiles and excitement as well as the acceptance of all forms of art that is presented every fortnight.

Last Muso’s was a night of great music, new faces, theatrics and laughs, all binding our great night together.

A huge thanks to all, this amazing event is part of the soul of Balnarring and is the product of all who particapate - performer and punter alike.

Paul Dillon leads us on an adventure of fantasy and the bright side of life, adding the catalyst that gives the night its special flavour.

 Stu the stayer fits in and adds his own flair to the mix.

 Larry was back with some harp ‘n’ blues input.

Gus is always up for a song or two .

 Matt wood likes it early in the night and the family loves the experience.

Wolf plays the bass.

Laura and her faithful followers add some spice to make us ponder.

Derrik has a go at the drums, as dose Will, Paul and Simmo.

Celia added a brief moment.

Steve tries to catch us off guard with clever disguises.

Newbie “Kerin” left her nerves in the shower then bounced around the room!!!

Joel and Beth…ummmm…out of control??…perhaps not?

Some cross dressers in the house, telling stories.

 A great time was had, soooo much fun!!

Regards ,


Pantomime Musos


The Last Post

”Lest We Forget”.

Once again the spirit of ANZAC day was embraced within Muso night, with the now time honoured tradition, the tribute in song by Matt Wood, of the Eric Bogle classic " Gallipoli" with Bernie on bugle, and Stuart on lead, for a stunning and heartfelt 900 word faultless rendition.

The crowd fell silent as the last post was played prior to and the "lest we forget” in the traditional way.

The commemoration of those lost so long ago, the unspoken denouncement of the horrors of history, memories of personal and more recent loss, the performance touched us all in a unique and special way, shameless tears embraced and the joy of community and muso night leading into a muso night to be remembered.

To the music...

Paul Dillon led the procession with a polished  "as recorded " "tram song" joined by Stuart and Wolf with Will on drums. The boys riding out the set with a few more of his favourites - Great start Paul.

Olive and No. 1 son "Steve " teamed for some of that old fashioned jazz, and rag time stuff she does so well. "Don’t advertise your man" and then some fantasy dentist drilling" A brilliant and superb accompaniment from Steve with great guitar and vocals. – Always great stuff olive.


Brad Kennedy was in the house for a set of his familiar "Kennedy tunes", - Thanks Brad, always good to have you and hear your latest.

Sue was up for a cover of a Joni Mitchel no. - first time solo and accupella. Well done Sue.

Andy Morris honoured his dad, with "my father’s son" a fine tribute to the inspiration in his life - Thanks Andy

Matt Wood with Bernie, Stuart adding some “Waltzing Matilda” backdrop instrumental in the for mentioned Anzac tribute, well done and thanks guys.

Stuart Miller, always up for an original, with "if I ever get famous" in his set, the crew joining in where requested and musically filling the gaps - Well done stuart.

 Jaci gave us her set of originals,"Destiny ' in her set. Well done Jaci, always good.

Marty was fit and well again and up for some big band blues, and some "Peggy Lee " no's, so that all embraced, Gary Brown joining the lead, all and sundry in for the finale', taking us out for the night,



ANZAC Muso photos


Musos summer in Somers

Somers Hall saw a capacity crowd for the first Musos at Somers in Summer.

Check out the photos of a great night!Somers musos1Somers musos2Somers musos3Somers musos4






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